Saturday, April 6, 2019

Meet the "Dames"!


Tina is unstoppable. She’s a friendly girl with a big heart, but is also driven as if possessed by some unseen monster. While climbing her way to the top, the same drive that pushed her to corporate success also manifested as the obsessive lesbian nymphomania that destroyed her career. Refusing to stay down after her fall, she rekindled her teenage dream of opening a hot rod auto shop. Soon “Tina’s Body and Performance” was open for business. The switch from white collar to blue collar hasn’t been easy, as fate has surrounded her with her greatest weakness, young women with huge boobs.

The pressures of her work and relationships leave her constantly frustrated, both intellectually and sexually. The grinding stress feeds her masochistic libido, and she longs for someone else to be the boss, to take control and give her an escape from the responsibilities she’s created for herself. Alas, Tina’s type A personality won’t let her stay on the bottom for long.


Mona is the ultimate team player. From lessons learned in her days as a cheerleader, she knows just how powerful motivation can be, and Mona knows how to motivate. Calm, confident, and collected, she has a personality that’s both warm and analytical at the same time.
The darling of the corporate hierarchy, Mona has found herself in almost every imaginable “position” in her office, always driving the team to success. That’s never been a problem, of course, as she aims to please. Never, that is, until Tina joined the company with a burning ambition to succeed. Mona was happy to encourage her, of course, until Tina’s lust for power, and for Mona, nearly ruined both of them. Mona, ever the optimist, still respects Tina and values her friendship. She even goes so far as to stop by Tina’s shop occasionally to keep her books, and maybe give Tina a little bit of “motivation.”


An athletic girl full of fire and bad ideas, Kelli doesn’t understand moderation, and doesn’t want to. She takes everything in life to extremes, including sex. Enraptured by the erotic connotations of bondage scenes she found in action movies, coming of age led to an obsession with power exchange fantasies. She loves being on top and the bottom equally, but her aggressive nature makes her a bit more likely to find herself swinging a leather paddle than being bound to a bedpost.
Kelli grew up learning to turn wrenches in her father’s garage, but when she unexpectedly inherited the building, she learned that she wasn’t ready to run a business on her own. Desperation led to her burning the tires off her beater Mustang delivering sandwiches, until an encounter with Tina led to a new partnership. Unfortunately, Tina failed to recognize that while Kelli may be passionate, she doesn’t share Tina’s focus on a single object of desire, and had a long standing relationship of her own.


Maisey grew up with both feet firmly on the ground. A naturally warm and jovial girl, farm living taught her to be practical, hard-working, nurturing, and to take things in stride when they don’t go as they should. She gained wisdom from her family, knowledge from tinkering with trucks and tractors, and discovered a smoldering sensuality from secret hayloft trysts with her best friend Kelli.
By the time Maisey was ready to go off to college, she’d learned that the only thing that excited her as much as sex was horsepower, and lots of it. She perused degrees in mechanics and engineering, and found her dream job, building engines and fabricating chassis for hotrods and race cars in a shop owned by a nice girl named Tina. Only trouble was, her new boss didn’t yet know how reckless Kelli could be, either with money or with love. It would take Maisey’s best to sort out the mess that followed and fit into the new shop’s crew.


Sasha arrived at Tina’s shop one sunny morning in the freight…literally. Among the boxes of auto parts was a wooden crate containing an eastern European “mail order bride,” tightly wrapped like a gift and wearing a fetishistic oxygen mask. Though apparently delivered to the wrong address (or was she?) Sasha quickly made herself useful in Tina’s shop. She carved out a place for herself as a perfect seamstress and upholsterer before Tina could even make sense of what had happened.

Sasha is quiet, sweet and charming. When she does speak, it’s with a thick accent and without banter. She is both quick witted and direct. Uninterested in the social drama among the other girls, she stays focused on her work while waiting for “Mr. Right” to find her by chance. In the meantime, she keeps herself satisfied with a startling collection of sex toys that became legend after Kelli accidentally discovered them. Sasha is a firm believer that, “bigger is better.” Once sated, she turns her attention to her obsession with perfecting her crafts: cooking, sewing, painting, sculpting, and… marksmanship?


Tina’s frustrations had reached a boiling point by the time Sasha arrived. Between failed romances and overbooked schedules, she needed help. Specifically, she needed someone who could handle sheet metal and paint work. Like a gift, there was Anya, listed in a catalog found in Sasha’s crate. She arrived the next day, a bratty girl with no English skills and yet another enormous pair of breasts to drive poor Tina to distraction with lust and envy. This girl, it seemed, was full of nothing but contempt and rebellion.

As the weeks and months passed, and with more than a few wise hints from Sasha, Tina has come to understand the reason for Anya’s defiance. It isn’t that Anya rejects Tina’s authority. Instead, Anya wants, and needs, discipline from her new boss, and will do anything to get it, taunting, teasing, and even igniting a wordless rivalry with Kelli. Ever since Tina finally pulled the little brat across her knee for a hot, cathartic, bare bottomed spanking, Anya has revealed the hidden affection she holds for Tina. While she craves corporal punishment from her newfound lover, she’ll do anything to help her. This includes occasionally giving Tina a taste of the discipline she craves so badly herself.


Millie is a mystery- perhaps even more enigmatic than the eastern European girls who found themselves shipped to Tina’s shop. She works in the silence of the local library, curating the knowledge of the world, and at the same time, feeding the beast of her own insatiable curiosity. She’s full of answers, but when asked about herself, she merely raises a finger to her smiling lips and returns to her books.

As they say, it’s always the quiet ones. Something of a student of human nature, she’ll do almost anything to acquire new knowledge and experiences. The first time Tina tried to look innocent while checking out a book about knot tying, Millie instantly deduced her true intentions, and revealed her “secret stash” that included several volumes of shibari bondage techniques. Millie, it seems, is fascinated by the things that turn other people on. In turn, her fascination with the arousal of others has given her a fetish of her own. She’s become an exhibitionist, longing to put on a show. Perhaps as an expression of her exhibitionism, she’s even developed an alter ego, the notorious local rock singer “Innocent Millicent,” accompanied by Kelli on guitar and Maisey on drums. Her shows, without doubt, are for adult audiences only.


Kelsie always knew she was pretty, but growing up, she didn’t think much about it. Instead, she spent her time dreaming of distant worlds, filled with dragons, monsters, robots, and barbarians. It wasn’t until she started going to science fiction conventions in her “captive rebel space princess” costume, and discovering how much attention she could draw, that she became more interested in her appearance.
It’s no surprise that Kelsie’s apartment reflects where her interests. There are boxes of video game cartridges, stacks of comic books, piles of role playing adventure modules, and an impressive array of costume props. There’s also a workbench full of floppy disks, circuit boards, and soldering irons. In the corner of one room is her “throne.” Really just a pile of bean bags, it’s where she officiates Friday night “Dungeons and Dames” roleplaying sessions with her former college roommate Maisey and Maisey’s friend Kelli. Kelli never misses a chance to tease Kelsie about dreaming up fantasy adventures instead of making some real adventures with the boys at her college. What Kelli doesn’t know is that although Kelsie may be timid, her insatiable curiosity has led her to Dee’s shop and some new adventures of her own.


As a little girl back home in England, Sophie grew up on fables and fairy tales. She dreamed of a life as a princess in a world of chandeliers and elaborate ball gowns. It was her fantasy of romance in beautiful finery that fascinated her, not a desire to live a self-indulgent life. Though she lived in poverty, she remained a sweet girl full of kindness and courtesy. Sophie never stopped dreaming of a handsome prince who would come and sweep her off her feet. Then, one day, there he was, a successful entrepreneur on a business trip to London. This man was instantly smitten with Sophie, and asked her to return home with him, though there would be certain…expectations. Sophie accepted without hesitation.

Though living a subservient life to her new “Master” isn’t exactly the same as being a princess, Sophie couldn’t be more satisfied. She’s the kind of girl who loves to bring happiness to those around her, and even more deeply, craves to be of service at all times to her kind and loving Master. Their relationship is a healthy one, and even when Sophie earns herself a taste of her Master’s discipline, she finds fulfillment. While she would never intentionally disrespect her Master, she does make careless mistakes that are often expensive. Particularly, mistakes that involve her Master’s new Aston Martin, and her difficulty in adjusting to driving on the right side of the road. With a tender red bottom, these incidents get her sent regularly to Tina’s shop. Why Tina’s shop in particular? She doesn’t know, but she gets the feeling that Tina, who shows her such kindness, somehow understands everything about Sophie and her Master.


Good parenting taught Dee to be elegant and kind, but family money also taught her to be hedonistic and just a bit devious. Like so many, she went to college with the assumption that she’d figure out a career path out once she got there. So she set out to become a lawyer, then a doctor, then a teacher, then a linguist, then an accountant. All the while, her consistent interests really turned out to be parties, concerts, boyfriends, girlfriends, and above all, anything and everything to do with sex. Eventually, the time came to gather her remaining assets, move on, and find something to do with herself. Scanning the classifieds out of boredom one day, she finally found an opportunity that seemed like a good fit.

Though it will take a while for her to rebuild her savings, buying her own adult novelty and lingerie shop has been just what Dee needed to give her focus. Her own sophisticated tastes have brought the business a touch of class, and new clientele. She’s even worked out a deal with a young lady named Sasha who works across the street, providing her with a line of gorgeous custom corsets and fetish gear on consignment. The deal sweetens for Dee, as Sasha often leaves with a shy smile and a bag of new toys to play with instead of her share of the profits. Still, there are distractions for Dee. She watches through the window like a cat as Sasha’s beautiful teammates come and go from the circus of smoking tires and steamy car washes across the street. Sasha has made it clear that she is strictly interested in men, however, her boss, Tina, seems like she could be Dee’s entrepreneurial doppelganger. Unfortunately, doors open and close unexpectedly, and poor Dee never got the chance. Meanwhile, a young friend of theirs has started slipping into Dee’s shop to look around with wide eyes, obviously trembling with nervousness, and just as obviously burning with curiosity. If there’s one thing Dee’s learned, it’s to keep an eye out for opportunity.

Meanwhile, in entirely different worlds of their own…

Dasha of the Space Patrol
It’s not always easy to be Daddy’s girl, particularly when Daddy is a notorious pirate captain, lurking in the blackness of deep space. Dasha grew up aboard the ships of her cold hearted father’s terrible fleet, protected by a warm adoration he held only for her. That was until he adopted a foundling plucked from the hulk of one of his conquests, a ferocious, angry, crazy girl child named Rue. Dasha knew why her father had taken Rue under his wing. Dasha had questioned her father’s actions and motivations too many times. The captain needed a successor to take over his criminal empire one day, and Dasha was made of stuff too pure for piracy. When the young Dasha finally vanished, the gnarled pirate knew it was no accident. They’d cross paths again, in time.

Now, Space Patrol Officer Dasha lives as the right hand of justice, determined to right wrongs and rescue those who suffer the perils of deep space. To be at its best a right hand needs a left hand, and Dasha’s been assigned a perky partner, the spirited young Jo. The heiress of an industrial mogul who rules entire star systems, Jo looks up to Dasha as another strong woman who rejected her upbringing to serve the people of the galaxy. Jo’s athleticism and reflexes are even better than Dasha’s, but she doesn’t share her mentor’s ruthless decisiveness. Still, she strives to impress her idol, even going so far as to worship her in the bunk, shower, and flight deck of their sleek Patrol cruiser. Working together, they achieve a synergy which makes them one of the Space Patrol’s most effective teams. Though their work often puts them in compromising positions, their unbreakable spirit always leads them to get their man, woman, robot, or space monster in the end.

Elven Ranger Faune

Deep in the enchanted woods, nearly at the continent’s edge, lies the dominion of the elves. Being reclusive, the elven folk are seldom seen beyond their borders. There are, however, always those who are driven to venture forth, whether by a rebellious nature or out of simple curiosity. For young Faune it was both. Unsatisfied by a life of quietly stitching tapestries, she honed her survival skills in secret, and as soon as she was of age, became a ranger. Though her family protested, the elven matriarch knew better, as a renegade spirit would eventually bring trouble. So Faune set out alone, and found fulfillment in helping those in need. For she soon discovered that the lands beyond are full of wrongdoing and injustice, and if she didn’t stand up to such misdeeds who would? Unusually loud and impetuous for one of her kind, Faune quickly drew the attention of forces who didn’t appreciate her efforts. She soon found herself subdued by monsters and malefactors of all sorts. Her diminutive stature and exceptional agility enabled her to escape every time, filling her with an overconfidence that would eventually be her undoing. Indeed, her luck was brought to an end by two beautiful but ruthless mercenaries who brought Fuane to their master’s feet, proudly displaying their bound, gagged, and naked prize. The sinister overlord cared only for Faune’s end, discarding her to a terrible fate in the dungeons below. There in the dark stone chamber, one of the mercenaries took delight in torturing poor Faune, jealous of her delicate elvish beauty. The other, a gorgeous ebon statue of muscle and curves named Elly, found that she had no stomach for the torture. Her revulsion rising from deep inside, Elly questioned the path that had brought her to this dank pit, and chose to rescue the helpless elven girl from her terrible fate.

Now, after long nights of apologies and cunnilingus, Elly has become Faune’s companion, deputy, and protector. She fights as hard as Faune to help those oppressed, hoping to somehow find redemption. Together they continue to patrol the land, often finding their way into trouble, but always finding their way back out.