Sunday, February 21, 2016

Happy Anya (2-21-16)

"Anya," Ink & Marker on 8 1/2" x 11" Bristol
Ebay Item # 222030828085

Anya finds ways to get the things that she likes.  Meanwhile, I've been on an even bigger push than usual to learn as much as I can, particularly in regards to faces, hair, and using contrasting value to render an image, like a painter, rather than the usual method of inking and coloring.  Only actual inks here are in the pupils and eyelashes.


  1. Wow, what has previously served as the underlying "skeleton" of your work is now being used as a fine accent element in this piece...quite a transition, I would say!

    I have always felt that successful use and orchestration of value is really key in how well a piece works. Even in full-on representational color paintings, I think we usually respond first and foremost to the values, and if the underlying values are off, we don't buy it and everything can fall apart. This piece, as well as your other recent "value paintings", have to me a real purity about them that is very pleasing to the eye (and this regardless of the pleasing subject matter). Light defines form and the way you are using warm and cool values to capture that light is doing just that, more and more painterly as the work evolves.

    In addition, your characters are becoming more individualized, I think, especially in regards to the levels of detail you are now achieving in their faces, more "fleshed out" as it were. They say one learns by doing, and that is certainly the case here!