Sunday, January 17, 2016

Millie 1-17-14

"Millie," Ink & Marker on 8 1/2" x 11" Bristol
Ebay Item # 221998227408

And here's our ever-popular librarian Millie, ready for you to entertain her for the evening.  

Meanwhile, I definitely feel like I'm getting a better handle on the warm/cool gray program.


  1. sicuramente alla ragazzina gli si prospetta una serata molto molto calda e lunga!! baci baci baci

  2. I think you are too. The integration of the temperatures is getting more dialed in, creating a more seamless look across the entire piece. The warm and cool areas are really starting to complement one another as opposed to being simply two ends of a spectrum here and there. In fact, working together they seem to be creating a nice “shimmer” effect as the eye bounces through the piece, picking up warm here, cool there. The transitions and reflected light also are part and parcel to this effect. I’m digging the new approach as well, both technically and conceptually. As much as I like the straight up gratuitous art, these new pieces also have their appeal. For one, you seem to be getting more into each character’s personality via their environments and clothes, which adds a lot, I think. The open ended nature also allows me to use my imagination while looking at each piece and not have everything spelled out (again, nothing against that!). It’s just rather fun to imagine how one would go about entertaining Millie, for example, and how of course she would further entertain us as the evening progresses. I’ll say one thing, she has some of the best “bedroom eyes” I’ve seen for a while! In fact, with the way this piece is lit, it could be part of the “bondage noir” group as well. Makes me think of “Double Indemnity” or "Detour" (or many others of the same noirish ilk), a film where a guy falls for a seemingly helpless damsel and of course, it being film noir, gets screwed in the end. But in the process the ride to the end can’t be beat! In other words, who really is in charge, or how helpless is Millie? Good psychological stuff here, which goes far in keeping the piece fresh with multiple viewings. And lastly, but not least, love Millie's retro sitting (kneeling?) room furniture. Very cool triangular motif in the sectional, carpet and stool. Nicely done all the way around!

  3. Great work as always. Wondering, when will we get next part of your Comic book series! :D

  4. It's in the works! I've had to spend a lot of hours this winter repairing my house, but I'm making progress. Hoping to have it done in a few weeks.