Thursday, November 12, 2015

Anya & Tina in Color! (11-12-15)

"Sophie," Ink & Marker on 8 1/2" x 11" Bristol
Ebay Item # 221939897149

It's been too long since we did something elaborate with color.  I've been asked several times how Anya has managed to start getting loose.  I prefer to leave that one up to the individual viewer, as there are several different ways that could go.  But in my own mind, I'm thinking that Tina intentionally left Anya something to work with.  Otherwise, she wouldn't have wandered off and left her little girlfriend tied up unattended.  She's too responsible for that.


  1. Came out real nice, this one did! Some colours sure did it justice.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, it's been a while since these two had some color.

  2. What a difference a scan makes! Looks much more like the cooler (in temperature) rough...both renditions being "cool", of course. I too like the open ended narrative possibilities; makes it more fun with repeated viewings in that, depending on one's mood, differing scenarios suggest themselves.

    That violet/yellow complementary color scheme sure works well with these two, as well as any other blonde Tina has "worked with" (or Anya solo, for that matter). The addition of color seems also to amp up the atmospheric feel, another underlying function of value that you take great advantage of, especially in the sprayed zones of the piece.

    Again, value is becoming more equal with the line work, as in your recent monochrome pieces. This is apparent here in that all the black outlining is in the foreground with Anya and her "goodies", while showering Tina is depicted with none. What's really cool is that the outlining in the foreground is tempered by the darker values there, while the lighter values in the background easily describe the scene there on their own.

    The background and foreground balance well structurally, then, as well as narratively/conceptually. Lots of very nice multi-layered "back and forth" meaning and structure between bed and bath, Anya and Tina. There is a lot more going on here (as I have feebly attempted to describe) than initially meets the eye, which probably explains why it took what it did to complete it. Good job sticking with this one, it really paid off!

    And last, but not least, congratulations on hitting the $100 milestone on Patreon...more sketches are a good thing!