Monday, September 14, 2015

Water is Stronger than Iron.

1972 Plymouth Fury Custom Suburban, 360 V8, Automatic.

Oh, life's little distractions.  Okay, so this starts at least twenty years ago when I was a teenager.  I was walking through a parking lot, and saw a green '72 Fury wagon parked there, with plates from another county about 70 miles from here.  Apparently the owners had rolled into town to get supplies at the big stores before going back out to resume life on the empty prairie.  At that time, I'd never even seen a '72 Fury before, much less a wagon, and thought it must be the coolest-looking station wagon ever conceived.  Keep in mind that we had no internet here at that time, and Fury wagons didn't appear in car magazines or books- only the small two-door cars got exposure in those pages.  So anyway, life went on, and since then I've owned a few wagons that were similar, but not quite as interesting to me as the one I'd seen in the parking lot.  So, last year, I was cruising through some online ads and saw a car for sale, near me, that was very similar to the one I'd seen twenty years before.  In fact, it wasn't just similar, but it was actually the very same car!  It was extremely cheap, as the block was broken, but there it was, the same one I'd wanted all that time.  So of course, Tobie and I bought it, and it's been sitting in the driveway with the broken block ever since.  This, friends, is why antifreeze is so important.  Someone had replaced the engine 40K miles ago, but ran straight water in it, which of course froze up on the prairie, expanded, and broke the block.  So earlier in the spring of this year, we made a deal with a friend of ours for a 360 in good condition, not new, but with low miles and a lot of new parts.  But, we couldn't get our schedules coordinated to pick it up.  So finally, last week, our friend calls and says he has time for us to pick it up.  Which I was happy to do, but the only catch is, it didn't have an oil pan or valve covers on it to keep it closed up and dry.  I've got no indoor storage for engines, so the only option was to immediately pull the broken engine from the car, swap the oil pan and covers onto the new engine, and install it.  I drained the oil pan on the broken motor, and found that it not only had the prescribed four quarts of oil, but three more quarts of water, equaling seven quarts of Plymouth diarrhea- and it was in everything, everywhere.  So anyway, there's three days down the tubes from thrashing with sludgy junk in my driveway.  But hopefully this fall I can get a couple more days to finish hooking everything up, install a couple more parts, and finally have the wagon on the road.  We're planning on using it to haul T-shirts to swap meets and conventions, so who knows, maybe you'll see it on the road some day.

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