Monday, August 24, 2015


"You Are Here"

We're definitely having one of those days where we wish we could buy a different house.  The red dot on the "air quality index" map?  Yeah, that's us.  Good ol' Lewiston valley.  Worst air quality in the nation right now.  I think we're going to Moscow for dinner tonight.  It's still nasty even up there, but at least it's a third lower on their rating scale.  We've got two air cleaners running in the house, and the A/C blower running full time to draw air through the filter.

Regardless, even the cats look droopy.


  1. Sorry that you got caught downwind of the Okanogan complex fire in addition to dealing with your own.

  2. My aren't you lucky! Sure do hope your air quality improves. Sorry our fires here in Washington are making it even worse there.

  3. Yuk this map, Lewiston is making the LA Basin look like a veritable smog-free zone of purely rarefied breathing pleasure. You guys need some quality Santa Anas to blow things clear...hope it happens soon!