Saturday, August 22, 2015

New Ebay Item!

I just posted a new item over on ebay, item # 221861023151.  I've used a combination of previous techniques on this to try to refine things a little further.  Take a look, and let me know what you think!


  1. Niiiiiiiiiice! If I only had the money man!

  2. Perhaps not surprisingly, this piece reads as a panel in a comic strip progression. After strapping her up in an establishing shot, or shots, we get the close up look at her reaction to her intense situation...kinda cool, as it leaves the rest of the panels up to the viewer's imagination.

    Much is implied as happening outside the frame from the way her hair, legs and chain all go off the picture plane on three of the four sides of the piece. This "off camera" feel is furthered by the key dangling in from the fourth side, subtly reinforcing how helpless she really close, and yet so far.

    Set up as it is, the entire composition comes across as quite abstract too, an effect the extremely strong contrast between the leather and flesh elements strongly supports as well, all with very few middle tones present. Lots of stuff here, on several counts...narratively, compositionally, abstractedly, and others, no doubt...diverse levels indeed. A "little" heavy...hmmm.

  3. Oh yeah, lest I forget, there is a fine noir-ish feel to the piece too, I might add. Something about the punishment fitting the crime, or not...