Thursday, January 22, 2015

Dee Marker Painting (1-22-15) SOLD

"Dee," Ink & Marker on 8 1/2" x 11" Bristol, $70

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  1. Dee bound, with all her pulchritudinous charms on ample display, is indeed another dose of fresh air, I imagine, sir. Nicely done!

    With that said, what really strikes me about this painting is the feel of action in her figure. Not simple movement, but full blown action. From her hair and cloth gag flying asunder (as well as her earring and neck chain) to her breasts bouncing in opposite directions, this girl is not letting some pesky rope stop her. What would normally be a rather static shot is transformed into a very fluid and enervating (in more ways than one) painting, full of dynamic energy.

    Another striking factor is the restrained use of color and detail in the painting, reserving both those elements for the figure itself. Keeping the couch and throw rug a flat yellowish warm gray and the wall and shadows beneath the couch a flat cool gray creates an excellent contrast with Dee’s figure, which bursts forth with color and detail. This contrast is further accentuated by the gray ropes which match the areas surrounding Dee (areas which act as essentially a blank canvas on which she is painted). The green of her gag then acts as a marvelous exclamation point for the entire piece, complementing the warm tones of her figure.

    Love the open ended narrative possibilities too. “Dee, having been effectively bound and gagged by an unknown intruder, gets her bearings after having just tumbled from the couch to the floor. Looking back to see if her actions have been noticed, she commences to squirm with vigor along the edge of the couch, hoping to prove her bonds are not quite as effective as…”

    Well, regardless of how it turns out for Dee, this is truly a most effective painting!