Monday, July 14, 2014

Slight Change of Plans

Okay, I know I said I was going to post a new ACEO trading card piece each morning, but it looks like I'm already going to change that plan.  Simple fact is, some mornings trying to make those teeny-tiny little pieces is just way too taxing on the eyes and brain!  So, I'm still going to make cards, but I'll do those on some days, and full-sized pieces on other days.  The full-sized pieces will vary in complexity, from simple little cartoons to more advanced stuff.  I'm still trying to get a rhythm with this full-time gig, so I'll stop trying to work out a rigid schedule and just make things for a while, and see what happens!  That being said, there's a new piece on eBay that's a bit more complex, so stop by and take a look!

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