Friday, May 9, 2014

Slave Girl Sophie (5-9-14) SOLD

"Sophie," Ink & Marker on 8 1/2" x 11" Bristol, $35

A long-time supporter of my work recently found an older "costume and novelty" catalog and mailed it to me as a source of inspiration.  So just for fun, I handed it to Tobie and asked her to pick out an outfit for Sophie.  Deciding that she needed something different from her usual maid uniforms, she said Sophie should try something with more of a "slave girl" theme, and selected something very similar to this number, completely finished in rhinestones.  I just about balked and chose to simplify it, then decided that I should try to learn how to to render it anyway.  I'm glad I did!


  1. Pretty sweet! And she's serving up a tray of fun too, I see.

  2. I'm glad you did too! Congratulations on taking up the challenge and successfully pulling it off! You did a very effective job capturing the sparkling nature of the rhinestones, especially how they capture, reflect and recapture the light. You also were able to maintain well the round form of her breasts under her top (which can be difficult working with such intricate texture as her outfit offers) all without detracting from the shimmer of the costume. Indeed, the fine texture of her outfit contrasts spectacularly with the texture of her skin, and the way it is all lit adds nicely to the overall submissive and sultry feel of the piece. Yeah, those they look, dare I say it, bitchin' in person!

  3. Truly luscious, great work by you and great choice by Tobie