Monday, April 14, 2014

What's in Tina's Desk? (4-14-14) SOLD

"Tina," Ink & Marker on 8 1/2" x 11" Bristol, $39.95

Okay, so I'll admit that I've drawn more than one office girl with a stash of kinky playthings in her vintage steel desk, but hey, it's a theme I enjoy!  And I'll admit that I'm particularly pleased with this one.  Lately I feel like these are going down on paper a bit more like how they first appear in my head (or better), which is really satisfying.

Meanwhile, I've had to return to the day job part-time to fill in for a little while, but hopefully that won't last long.


  1. Ohhhh boy, where do I start?! AND it's already sold? It's like someone already knew that they wanted it BEFORE IT WAS POSTED! Awwww just so sad that I missed the opportunity for this one, it's one hell of a pic man. Ok so first, I like the look on her face, as always. I like the way you did her nose, in particular how the entire thing is nicely rounded rather than blocky. The gag she has in her mouth qualifies as soft bondage, as do the rest, but she looks like she's ready for quite the good time at that! So let's continue to the hair, which brings me to her earing (the one that showing anyway). It's a nice touch, as are the rest of her accessories. Shoulders thrown back like she's done up pretty tight, but not tight enough that she looks uncomfortable. I love the scarves. Knees done together so we know she's not going anywhere, and those shoes--sexy as always. I do like how you vary the angles of them. Great job man, I hope you hit this mark often!

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