Monday, April 21, 2014

Millie Slightly Suspended (4-21-14) SOLD

"Millie," Ink & Marker on 8 1/2" x 11" Bristol, $34.95


  1. Millie looks quite cute in that lovely dress. I wonder how she ended up like that..... ^_^

  2. As someone who went to high school during the last heyday of peasant blouses and skirts (they were hippie blouses back then), seeing Millie's outfit in this drawing was quite an unexpected and pleasant surprise. And I must say full advantage has been taken of the style!

    What I and many others liked about them was how they made a young lady look sweetly sexy, especially if they had the type of ample charms that Millie does. And what better way to display those charms than to have Millie bound suspended and bent over, putting the design of the blouse to full advantage. I don't quite think any other pose would be as effective!

    In addition, keeping her covered completely by the blouse really works well too in this context. While a nude figure is one thing, and always pleasing to look at, there can be something equally powerful and compelling about a fully clothed woman (especially in such a scenario), especially when she is wearing an outfit like Millie's. In other words, very good decision to not have anything falling out where that could so easily happen, letting the blouse show only what it is designed to show...very sexy indeed!

    The skirt is equally appealing, as are her sandals (the one coming off is a nice touch), completing the look wonderfully. Love the psychedelic pattern on the skirt, looks very fun to have done. Oddly enough, it comes across as very colorful even though it is comprised of simply gray tones...must be those memories kicking in, I guess...

    The pose itself is handled very well indeed, too. Her figure is quite lovely under all her clothing, and her suspension is very believable. It all makes sense visually, something that seems would be a bit of a challenge given the contorted nature of the pose. The fore-shortening in her upper body especially is executed cleanly and clearly, which is key.

    With this one and the previous Tina, as well as earlier pieces, you are doing some very cool things incorporating their clothing/costumes strongly into the scenarios, which I think adds another layer of depth to the images, further bringing out the characters and personalities of the dames...fleshing them out, as it were.

    Well done!

  3. Severian says it all! Details. Beautiful details !!!