Monday, March 24, 2014

Bad Day for Eleanor

 Upper control arm in center, broke-off end visible at the very top.
Yeah, I don't think I like the "lowered look" on this one.

I guess Mondays are Mondays, even for full-time artists!  This morning I loaded up a few boxes of CD sets in my trusty '73 Mach 1 to take to the post office, and made it three blocks before the upper right control arm sheared in two, collapsing the suspension.  Woke me right up!  One thing I love about driving old cars is that they usually give you a little warning sign before something breaks.  One thing I hate is when I ignore those warning signs, and the poor girl finally has to give up.  The front right suspension had a squeaky noise that was there when I bought this car two years ago, and I kept thinking I'd fix it "one of these days."  So, nobody's fault but mine!  Anyway, she broke at 35 mph and got a little wild, but I managed to keep her under control and get off the road.  Guess I'd better get back to work!


  1. Yowza! Glad you weren't on the freeway. So inexpensive and easy fix or expensive and pain in the butt fix?

    1. Unfortunately, she's going to be off the road for a while. A control arm and a ball joint will cost money and take me a day to install in the driveway. However, the fact is that the whole front suspension is all in the same condition, so I really need to just rebuild the front end before I start driving it again. Also, when the suspension collapsed, it didn't do the inner wall of my tired old tire much good. Can't replace just one since all four are worn out, so we're looking at a set of tires, too. Now we're at a grand plus the time to do it all. I'm honestly not sure if I'm going to do that stuff, or park the car until next year and then start in on a complete restoration. We'll see how business goes! In the meantime, my pair of '72 Furies are almost ready to go back on the road, so I think I'll just get them rolling for now, and come back to the Mustang when I have time.

    2. Ouch! Well, time to get some more drawings done for sale to get the funds to get her back up o the road. At least the Furies are about ready to get back on the road.

  2. Good thing it wasn't any worse than that. Would hate to see you hurt, bud!

  3. I can imagine that it woke you up! No need for any coffee for the rest of that day. Nice bit of driving, keeping it under control until you got it stopped.