Sunday, December 22, 2013

Mona Takes a Ride (12-22-13) SOLD

"Mona," Ink & Marker on 8 1/2" x 11" Bristol, $34.95

Hmm, if Mona's involved in schoolgirl fetishism while tied and gagged on top of a very expensive-looking vibrator, I suspect Tina may be somehow involved.

Sorry about the lack of updates all week!  Not only are the holidays almost here, but I've been very busy selling off part of my old car collection and rounding up parts and supplies for our printing equipment.  Also, the archive CD-ROMs are coming along nicely and should be available soon- preparing the files took about forty hours longer than I'd originally planned!  Stay tuned!


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  2. Well then Tina should get her butt out here and get to work on her "student"! But yeah, sweet work! Love the counter on the blackboard.

  3. I'd say it's an even money bet that Tina's not too terribly far out of the picture here, given Mona's last appearance… Seems like the focus is perhaps shifting from Anya to Mona in Tina's grand machinations? Considering how well it worked out with Anya for Tina, I would not be in the least bit surprised!

    As far as Mona herself here is concerned, aside from the obvious, something that I think works well is the subtle shading on Mona's body. What with her blonde hair, white shirt and stockings around and contrasting with her bare flesh, she appears to have a quite appealing tan…a very cool and subtle effect! However, I think at this point she is more focused on her score, and would no doubt have something to say about it…if she could, that is!