Monday, November 4, 2013

Faune and Princess Alena (11-4-13) SOLD

"Faune and Alena," Ink & Marker on 8 1/2" x 11" Bristol, $49.95

So... heres an update.  Over a week ago, I made the announcement that I would be going to part-time, and really getting things underway in the studio.  So, I immediately worked out my new project schedule and got everything ready for the big change.  On the last day of my new, shorter work schedule, I was then informed "oh, by the way," I'd be staying full-time.  Though not technically full time, instead I'll have Fridays off, all most all of which I'll get called in to work anyway.  So I'll get just enough time off to shorten my check, but not enough to make a sudden change in the studio or the print room.  While I do appreciate my employer, I'll admit that I spent the next two days mostly being annoyed and frustrated, scrambling to get things done that I'd already scheduled.  Anyway, no sense in fussing about it now- but I guarantee that I'll be continuing to make daily progress in the studio and the press room.  My day will come, even if I have to drag it here by its filthy little ankles.  

Meanwhile, here's Faune and Princess Alena!


  1. Well now, seeing these two together, in a word, works!

  2. I can see that Princess Alena is not chintzy when it comes to showing her gratitude, as I assume it was Elven Ranger Faune that did in fact make it possible for them to bust out of that icky tavern they were stuck in at their last appearance. I more than likely would take a nice, long, hot soak too after such an ordeal, especially if it included the likes of Faune (or Alena, for that matter).

    The black grass in the lower corners makes a great framing device, distancing the viewer just enough...I mean, they do deserve their privacy, right?

  3. Looks like they'll be losing their clothing thanks to that little creature in the background. ;-)

  4. Very cool piece. I like the whole idea, but the way she is pulling on Faune's ear has got to hurt.

    I thought rather than the little creature stealing their clothes that he was like their cabana boy and was at the ready with a towel to cover themselves with when they got out, or to spread on the ground if they decided to stretch out and really enjoy themselves.