Thursday, September 19, 2013

Space Patrol Dasha in 11x17" Color! (9-19-13) SOLD

"Dasha, Jo, & Rue," Ink and Marker on 11" x 17" Bristol, $199.95

Several people have asked me about the return of Dasha's nemesis, Space Pirate Rue, who I think I've drawn all of twice in the past- both a long time ago.  So, here she is- back and just as crazy as ever!

This will probably be the last of the big large-format pieces for at least a few weeks, until I catch up on commissions, and I want to get a bunch of new inexpensive monochrome pieces out there and available.


  1. Wow, Andy! Just wow! I would totally read this comic!

  2. Awfully rude of Rue to intrude upon Dasha and Jo's little interlude...bitch!

    With that said, I can only imagine what will come next for our (at least on the cover) hapless, but not helpless, heroines. I have no doubt, however, that honor, justice, and sanity will prevail, if not in this issue, certainly the next.

    Really fun idea creating the splash cover for this large format piece. Nice visual flow from Rue up over the mechanical hand and down to Dasha and Jo...very dynamic. I like the way Jo and Dasha's legs extend into the lower corners of the page too, creating an interesting overall "X" composition with Rue and her large mechanoid armor figure. Speaking of those legs, I suspect Rue will rue the day she left those lovely gams unchained. Zowie, gotta read the book to find out for sure, though. Long live AL comics!

  3. Love it! Always nice to see these girls, and this actionish shot makes one wonder what happens next! Something sinful, I hope!

  4. Absolutely spectacular! One hang of a lot of work went into this one, Andy, and I marvel at the compositional flow of it. I love the comic cover feel to this; reminds me of the flavor elicited by the old pulps, which as you know is a personal favorite. Do you take installment plans for pieces of this price?