Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hot Tub Kelli in 11" x 17" Color! (9-1-13) SOLD

"Kelli," Ink & Marker on 11" x 17" Bristol, $249.95

So, here's another one of those pieces that just got out of hand!  Tobie asked me which of the Dames was up next, and I told her it was Kelli's turn.  She suggested a bondage pin-up in a hot tub, and I thought, that ought to be simple enough!  Of course, I managed to make it a lot more complicated than I originally intended, but I did come up with a new technique, at least.  I wanted a method to add some soft steam to the tub without spraying white paint, so I came up with the idea of using the marker "airbrush" to spray clear blending fluid.  It's the same stuff the markers use to carry the pigment, but without the pigment in it.  Sprayed onto the art, it sinks the pigments down into the fibers of the paper, leaving a light area on top.  And it worked!

On a different subject, what do you think- have I priced this one too high?  This is always a tricky subject for me.  On one hand, I've been told that my prices are much too low.  On the other hand, I don't want to raise prices too much, because the last thing I want to do is take advantage of the wonderful people who have supported my work all these years.  I want to find a fair middle ground will keep my work easy to collect, but will allow me to pay the bills when I go full time.  Any thoughts you guys have are appreciated, feel free to post them here or email me directly if you prefer.  Thanks, guys!


  1. Woooa, that really catches the eye! Nice vibrant colours! Not to mention Kelli. xD

  2. That was a very clever solution for making the steam Andy. Bravo! Do hope you tried it out on something other than the drawing first. I see that Tobie is making your life difficult as usual. ;-) Tell her good choice and hi for me. Of course I'm wondering who did such a "nasty" thing to poor Kelli. LOL
    Now, as for the price obviously you didn't price it too high with how quickly it sold. :-) As you know, since I have said it before, sometimes I do think you price yourself too low. After all, look at the coastal artillery piece you did for me. (For those that don't check Andy's Deviant Artist site where he posts the commissions he's done you're missing some good art: ) When you sent the price and asked if that sounded fair I said "No. It was too low." (Often wonder what you first thought when you saw the "No" before you read the rest).
    You need to make certain when you go to this full time that you're not putting yourself into a hole. Of course, as you point out, you don't need to make it so expensive that people can't afford it because that will put you in a hole as well.

  3. Indeed, the steam effect is quite convincing. It really adds a feeling of movement to the piece that is effective and subtle. In fact, I think that sense of movement is complemented nicely by the gently shimmering water, all of which highlight the fact that Kelli is happily squirming around in it, enjoying herself. From the look of her dry skin, I imagine she has just been placed in the water and the evening's activities are just commencing. I'm just wondering when that "nasty" person is going to fire up the jets for a more invigorating experience!

    I agree with the Doctor too on the pricing is a function of what the market will bear. I think the balance is finding out a good range where you and your collectors feel they are receiving good value while you in turn are being fairly compensated. It can be tricky, given all the variables involved. One thing that I can for sure say is true...your work is progressively becoming more sophisticated, detailed, and visually rich on a number of levels, and that takes more time, so I think the higher prices are something that most folks will have no problem understanding.

  4. Somehow this pose seems appropriate for Kelly. She's always the one in control, even when she's tied up.

    As for pricing? I've always felt that you grossly under price your work. That said, the more you charge the more you shrink the pool of potential buyers (that's simple economics). The real question is, can you charge enough to make a living, but not so much that you drive off your customers? Businesses have been answering that question, mostly through trail and error, since goods first changed hands. Now for some more practical information. In the past I have purchased many of your pieces because I like your work in general and they were a bargain. At $250 each I will be more selective, it will have to be something I really like.

  5. Thanks, guys! I really appreciate your thoughts on this, it helps me out a lot! Don't worry, it's not my intention to charge $250 on a regular basis. But, I didn't want to take a bath on this one (no pun intended) so I thought I'd charge just what I'd need to get by if I were doing this full-time, no more and no less, and see what you guys thought about it. Generally, I think it's better to produce more pieces that are a little less time-consuming, and keep prices down. Prices for my regular work will probably stay about the same for quite a while. Again, I want to keep my work as easy to collect as possible- I don't ever want to be an obnoxious fat-head artist who gets too big for his britches.

    Admittedly, I've raised prices a few times in the past. However, I've always used the philosophy that I don't raise them until I feel there's a noticeable improvement in my skills. That way, I can still offer a good value to everyone who's kind enough to support my work. My goal for years has been to reach the point where I could get about $10 per hour for my work, and I'm just about there, which is incredibly exciting for me, as it means I'm close to reaching my lifelong aspiration of working as an artist for a living. I hope to even out the highs and lows by offering other merchandise such as archival CDs and my upcoming bondage tutorial book, and by opening our print shop around the end of the year. We've also discussed creating a free marker tutorial for those people who might be interested, and then adding the same marker supplies I use to our eBay store. But obviously, I'm getting ahead of myself. Thanks again everyone, and I'd love to hear from anyone else who might have something to share!