Monday, September 23, 2013

Dee in the Closet (9-23-13) SOLD

"Dee," Ink & Marker on 8 1/2" x 11" Bristol, $39.95

Something makes me wonder if Dee put herself in the situation, to be discovered by someone else?


  1. If she did, the man or lady is very lucky!

  2. You may be right... Shut the door so I can discover her.

  3. It does all look a bit premeditated, doesn’t it…all to the good, of course. I mean, I’m glad I discovered her!

    For such an unassuming, on the surface, little scenario here, I think there is actually quite a bit going on. Here we have Dee, looking her best, tied and posed in a most alluring manner, awaiting her discoverer. She not only desires to look her best, but look her best tied up, for said discoverer. Her entire body language and situation is geared for the pleasure of not only herself (of which there is obviously some), but for her discoverer's pleasure as well, which I think is a very important factor. Her hands alone convey a wealth of expression, and the curious/inviting look in her eyes is priceless! The tie itself is wonderful too, the rope and belt being very economically used to get the job done, complemented by the lovely cloth gag.

    For those of us who enjoy this sort of thing, this drawing covers all the bases in spades. While at first glance a rather straightforward bondage image, upon more time spent looking one sees some very deep aspects of human interaction subtly conveyed here, that often transcends language. Another fine example of what can in fact be very positive about bondage play, as in the Anya/Tina piece a couple months back. And all with Dee fully clothed, which adds to the romance of the scenario…pretty slick accomplishment all told.