Sunday, August 4, 2013

New Equipment!

All right, so here it is!  This monster is our new six-color screen printing press, complete with flash heater, conveyor dryer, and a pile of accessories that I haven't even had time to look through yet.  Now that it's here, I'll admit that this is the single biggest reason that updates have been so slow here lately.  I've spent a lot of hours researching different presses, watching the online classifieds for equipment, and trying to learn as much as possible about this unit before buying it.  Just rearranging the house (again) to set this up has taken most of this week's evenings, and the weekend as well.  But it's been worth it, as now the room right next to our studio is the print shop!  Now that I've got the press installed, I should be able to get back to work in the studio again.  It'll take some time to learn, but with any luck, I'm hoping we'll be ready to start using this thing by late fall or winter, so stay tuned!


  1. Way to go, Andy! It appears to be in really clean shape. Looks like you got a nice supply of extra screens, which should come in handy, as well. I bet you and Tobie are pretty jazzed...congratulations. Nice natural light in the shop two should have a lot of fun cranking out some cool stuff there. One question, that classic metal desk the one we have seen in some of your drawings?

  2. Congratulations, Andy. That sort of investment is both exciting and daunting, but given practice and experience it will doubtlessly provide you with self-satisfaction (and heaps of money). I'm sure all your fans are excited for you as well.

  3. Glad to see you got it. Will be looking forward to seeing what you do with it as you learn how to use it. Love the classic metal government desk! I heard so many comments during my 21 years in the Army about how outdated and clunky they looked but the new pressboard crap they buy just doesn't last and is nowhere as sturdy as the classic stuff.

  4. Thanks, guys! I have to admit, I wondered if anyone would make the connection on the desk. Tobie and I absolutely love steel office furniture from the 1950s though the '70s, made by Steelcase and their contemporaries of the time, and we've got quite a collection these days. That particular one isn't really mine, but is one that I bought for Tobie on her birthday last June. I bought her three desks and a Steelcase worktable, which is barely visible behind the press, for cheap at a university surplus sale in a nearby town where we rented a U-Haul to get it all home. One of her other desks is in the main living area of the house, and the third one is in the studio, along with my prized '73 model that I'm sitting at as I type this. Call me crazy, but I think I love my Steelcase desk as much as I do any of my old project cars from that period. I also found a Steelcase bookshelf that matches my desk, same color and everything, which is in the studio and is full of reference books and most of my art supplies. Rounding out the collection is a couple of Steelcase chairs, one of which (the one I use for drawing) is rumored to have come from a Northrop Aviation facility way back in the day. Like the Doc said, this stuff is all at least forty years old and works great. I love it!

    1. I'm not surprised that you said it came from a university surplus. It's exactly the same as my desk at work.

  5. Now that is an impressive thingamajig of tech! Congrats! Glad to see things are moving along for you!