Sunday, June 2, 2013

Deluxe Dame: Millie in 11" x 17" (6-2-13) SOLD

"Millie," Ink & Marker on 11" x 17" Bristol, $124.95

Tobie came into the studio while I was working on this, and said "after the library fundraiser..."  She also picked out the green color, which I'm very pleased with.  If there's one thing I like it's happily tied-up women in beautiful dresses, but I've had a tough time drawing them in the past.  I found an old book on drapery that helped a lot, so expect to see more like this in the future!


  1. GREAT work Andy. I think the drapery book defintiely has you pointed in the right direction for draweing long flowing fabrics, and while green isn;t my favorite color, it works well in this pictures

    While as you know I'm not a fan of the subject matter, I would rather see a happy playful scene like this, to the more typical drawings.

    My only critique is that Millicent's legs seem a little too long for her over all body height/length.

    Pulling the drawing up on my monitor and measuring from her foot to her panties I get about 4.5 inches. From her panties to the top of her head I get about2.25 inches, for a total height of 6.75. inches.

    So if you take her leg to body ratio you get 4.5/6.75 = 0.6667. I have always heard that the typical ratio is about 0.5. So if what I have heard is correct Millicent's legs would indeed be too a little too long.

    It may be the perspective of the picture that is throwing me off and if she was standing it and her entire body was in the same visual plane it would look okay.

    So I may be wrong, but I wanted to at least mention it.

    But like all the stuff I have pointed out in the past, if I am right it is a VERY minor thing, and does NOT detract from the overall appeal of the picture.

  2. A very elegant piece, indeed, and I can only assume that the fund raising efforts paid off quite well! The composition and perspective in this drawing are really pretty bold for a vertical format image, and that brings me to the thoughts raised by scasey.

    Another rule of thumb that comes to mind concerning body proportions has to do with 8 head lengths, meaning that the "ideal" proportion of a body would be about 8 heads high (including the actual head of the figure). By my general measurements, I think Millie falls into those dimensions, about as much as most people do out in the "real" world, though there are always exceptions to any rule. As Millie is a tall, leggy girl to begin with, I think having her posed as she is is only going to accentuate those qualities. And as I said above, I think this is a pretty bold's not often I at least see a figure posed laying down in such a strong vertical format, where you normally would expect a figure to be standing or sitting up, well, vertically. In addition, the overall curve of her supine body strongly commands the entire space (from her tied hands up high to her matching green purse down low); especially balanced as it is by the opposite curves of the folds in her dress!

    Anyway, to me this is a first class piece of erotica, where many things are suggested but not overtly described...much is left up to the viewer's imagination indeed. I particularly like the ambiguity of her tied hands...are they being held behind her head by more satin attached to something over the edge of the bed, or is the pose simply Millie's way of indicating her complete submissive consent in the matter? Either way works. I also think the green dress is an inspired color choice as it balances nicely with Millie's warm flesh tones and hair; she no doubt was one of the "belles of the ball" at the event (Scarlett O'Hara-ish?). Those strapless numbers have an excellent way of accentuating a woman's figure too, and someone has been happily exploring, moving said dress aside to slowly reveal more of Millie's I said, first class erotica!

    The overall detail is wonderful too, especially in the charcoal gray crinoline, also a further example of the strong color scheme of the piece. Her black panties match the black satin bindings nicely, the three together paralleling the curve of her body well. And lastly, how her body is posed perpendicularly to how one would normally expect a body to be lying on a bed further adds to the refreshing unusualness of the composition. Millie's body and the bed conspire to form an "X" shape, subtly implying that, yes indeed, X does mark the spot.

    At any rate, lots going on here on lots of levels...truly an inspired piece, in my opinion. Have to keep coming back for more looks at this one to see all that is there...well, there are worse things, right?

  3. Hey guys, sorry I didn't get back here sooner! Thanks for the observations, as always, it's a big help! There's no doubt that Millie's proportions here are a bit crazier than normal. Even normally, I'll admit that I probably make them a little longer in the leg than I should. Having no proper training, early on I decided that I would draw them with the same distances from shoulder to hip to knee to ankle, dividing the body into thirds, with each third being about two heads high (not counting the crazy big hair, of course!) Throw in a little for the neck, and I guess they come in at around 7 1/2 heads total, with long legs, of course. Now, I'd never heard of a numerical ratio from leg to body before, which is very interesting. I guess mine would come in around 4/7.5 = .5333 during the planning stages. Very interesting! Now, in the case of Millie here, I'll admit that I threw my regularly overly-leggy proportions right out the window. I wanted a pair of crazy-long legs to go with that dress and the tall 11' x 17" format, and it's very possible that I got a bit carried away. Interestingly, responses have been in equal parts of people who don't like the super-exaggerated look, and people who specifically really liked it. So, it's all interesting food for thought! Thanks again, guys!

  4. What you describe here is in a sense the continuation of ideas that have been discussed in art for centuries. By that, I mean Millie here is a pretty convincing example of what some folks would call an image done in the style of Mannerism. Without getting too painfully art-historical, Mannerism was a style influenced by and a reaction to the more classically "ideal" figures of the Renaissance. Your conscious decision to further elongate Millie specifically for this piece is along the lines of the same decisions made by Mannerist artists going on 500 years ago, decisions which in this case make sense for the reasons you described, at least to me. Personally, I think the elongation of Millie's legs create a rather intensely erotic image, alluded to in my previous comments. Whether this would be effective in any other drawing remains to be seen, but for me at least, I find it very effective here. And more generally, the fact that some folks really like it and others don't pretty much illustrates the unavoidable importance of the subjective element inherent in art, bottom line being either ya dig it or ya don't!