Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dasha ACEO Art Card (5-22-13) SOLD

Space Patrol Dasha, Ink & Marker on 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" Bristol, $14.95


  1. Now there's a recruiting poster!

  2. Great picture Andy and I agree with Severian that it would be the perfect Space Patrol recruiting poster.

    Just one very minor observation. I am assuming she is floating in outer space, since her hair appears to be spread out like it is weightless. If I'm right, wouldn't her breasts be more globular in shape and not elongated and seeming to pull away from her body like gravity is pulling them down?

    It may just be my perception, but it just struck me as odd when I first looked at the picture. But as I said it is a very and I do mean VERY minor thing.

    Probably 99.99% of the people aren't even going to see it or care, I'm just the one weirdo that did.
    There are reasons her breasts could be pulling away from her body but it is too early in the morning here to get into discussions about scientific stuff. :o)

  3. Interesting observation by scasey, that may not be so minor. I agree, if she were floating weightless with her arms spread apart, for example, I think her breasts would be in a more globular, amorphous shape. However, I think this specific pose with her holding her blaster as she is would naturally cause her breasts to be thrust together and forward, outward and to her rightward as she moves, as they are in the drawing.

    Aside from the boob physics angle, though, I think there is an interesting conceptual angle as well. As Dasha exists in a retro sci-fi universe, wouldn’t her breasts conform to the classic 1950s “torpedo tits’’ configuration so popular during that decade? Given that context, I think what we see here fits right in.

    At any rate, it’s a cool piece, however you look at it. I particularly like how her breasts are balanced by her thighs and how her entire body is “coiled for action”, hair and all, if you will.

  4. That is the one unanswered question Severian, and part of what I struggled with. I knew if Dasha was turning to shoot someone, or was spinning around the mass of her breasts would cause them to elongate. But as I said this morning it was too early to get into a discussion about mass, rotational inertia, and centrifugal forces and how they all related to Dasha fine breasts.

    I just couldn't decide if Dasha was spinning/turning, or if she was stationary.

    I never even considered the conceptual angle of the torpedo tits configuration that Andy may have been going for as a homage to those cheesy sci-fi flicks of the 1950's.

  5. Hey, thanks for the observations, guys! As I've said before, a little analytical discussion helps me a whole lot with this stuff, and helps make up for my lack of formal art instruction. Severian has part of the answer here in that I think I'd intended her breasts to look as if they were being pushed together and forward by her arms. However, the fact is that I didn't really make that very clear, and I think if I'd shown her breast overlapping her sleeve a little, rather than the other way around, it might've helped convey the effect better. However, scasey has discovered the real truth of this piece, though he may not realize it yet. Fact of the matter is, if he's undecided as to Dasha's movement and environment, it's because I was undecided when I drew it. I'll admit that I made an error here by not having a clear, strong concept when I did it, and so there is some conflict. Her hair looks like it's free of gravity, whereas her body doesn't look weightless at all. This is a great example of where I should've made certain that I knew what I was going for before I just started in. Good to know! And as for the torpedo thing, I'll admit that it's something I kind of go back and forth on. They seem to come and go from time to time! Thanks again, guys, for taking the time to share your thoughts on these pieces!