Sunday, April 28, 2013

Maisey & Kelli in 11" x 17" Color! (4-28-13) SOLD

Maisey and Kelli, Ink & Marker on 11" x 17" Bristol, $149.95

Believe it or not, I'd planned on having this done Wednesday night!  And here we are, finally finished on Sunday morning.  Sorry about the long wait again!  The simple fact is that I just didn't get many hours in the studio again this week.  Lots of little things needed to be done in the evenings after working at the day job, so I just had a few hours here and there to finish this and make progress on commission work. Anyway, I thought these girls turned out pretty good, what do you think?


  1. "Pretty good" is a pretty good description, yes. Kelli has that naturally dominant air about her so it is always nice to see her in that role. =D

  2. Indeed, the girls look just as good here as they did not long ago in the diptych you did...glad to see they are still tight! I really dig the black and white contrast between their outfits. It creates a sort of yin and yang thing between the two of them that is really a strong effect, something I think you implied in the previous diptych with Maisey's pink coloring and Kelli's olive tone. At any rate, what I am saying here is those two work very well together! And the shadow cast on Kelli's left thigh by Maisey's left thigh is of those little details that makes the piece.

    Aside from the girls, what is most impressive is how you handled the background/environment they are in. The sense of atmosphere, light and depth is very effective. The deeper shadows on each side of the image really frame the girls well in what is actually a very soft spotlight effect on them, in the process creating a good sense of space outside the frame on both sides. Also, the textures in the space around and behind the girls works well; I really like the silken feel of the sheets on the bed, as well as the look of the wood flooring. I think you really nailed it with your "airbrush" technique on this one. It's also good to know that at least one of them (Kelli?) keeps her back issues underneath the bed (haven't we all at one time or another?).

    1. Thanks! Your observations pretty much reveal how I'd intended this piece to work, so I'm glad it came across the way I wanted it to. The dark areas to each side with the lighter area in the middle was the approach I was banking on to help highlight the figures. And you're right, the strong black and white outfits were intended as an idea to crank up the contrast from the last Kelli/Maisey set and go a step further with that. With the "airbrush," I spent a bit more time rendering the background objects directly with markers on paper this time, then sprayed over the whole thing after masking off the girls. I like how it worked out, so I'll add that to my bag of tricks. Though I'll admit, I'm actually not entirely certain who's room this is! The back issues under the bed could belong to either of them, but since I added the pennant on the wall back there, I'm thinking this may actually be Maisey's digs, as Kelli didn't go to college, having spent what little money she's made on bills and car parts instead. Can't wait to actually start working up some stories for these girls one of these days!